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In computer programmingtwo notions of parameter are commonly used, and are referred to as parameters and arguments —or more formally as a formal parameter and an actual parameter.

In casual usage the terms parameter and argument might inadvertently be interchanged, and thereby used incorrectly. These concepts are discussed in a more precise way in functional programming and its foundational disciplines, lambda calculus and combinatory logic.

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Terminology varies between languages; some computer languages such as C define parameter and argument as given here, while Eiffel uses an alternative convention. Engineering[ edit ] In opțiuni binare woodes cc especially involving data acquisition opțiuni binare woodes cc term parameter sometimes loosely refers to an individual measured item.

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This usage isn't consistent, as sometimes the term channel refers to an individual measured item, with parameter referring to the setup information about that channel. Properties can have all sorts of dimensions, depending upon the system being considered; parameters are dimensionless, or have the dimension of time or its reciprocal.

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Environmental science[ edit ] In environmental science and particularly in chemistry and microbiologya parameter is used to describe a discrete chemical or microbiological entity that can be assigned a value: commonly a concentration, but may also be a logical entity present or absenta statistical result such as a 95 percentile value or in some cases a subjective value. Linguistics[ edit ] Within linguistics, the word "parameter" is almost exclusively used to denote a binary switch in a Universal Grammar termenii opțiunilor reale a Principles and Parameters framework.

Logic[ edit ] In logicthe parameters passed to or operated on by an open predicate are called parameters by some authors e.

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Parameters locally defined within the predicate are called variables. This extra distinction pays off when defining substitution without this distinction special provision must be made to avoid variable capture.

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Others maybe most just call parameters passed to or operated on by an open predicate variables, and when defining substitution have to distinguish between free variables and bound variables.

Main article: Musical parameter In music theory, a parameter denotes an element which may be manipulated composedseparately from the other elements. The term is used particularly for pitchloudnessdurationand timbrethough theorists or composers have sometimes considered other musical aspects as parameters. The term is particularly used in serial musicwhere each parameter may follow some specified series. Paul Lansky and George Perle criticized the extension of the word "parameter" to this sense, since it is not closely related to its mathematical sense, [4] but it remains common.

The term is also common in music production, as the functions of audio processing units such as the attack, release, ratio, threshold, and other variables on a compressor are defined by parameters specific to the type of unit compressor, equalizer, delay, etc.

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