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Cum sincronizez calendarul Airbnb cu alt calendar?

opțiuni pentru calendarul spreads

Tradu articolul If you list your space on other websites, you can prevent multiple guests from booking the same dates by syncing your Airbnb calendar with your other calendars.

Opțiuni pentru calendarul spreads can only sync your calendars up to one year in the future.

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If you encounter problems with blocked dates, see How do I make dates available or blocked on my calendar? Note: Sync requests by third-party calendar applications and services wk opțiuni binare exceed sync requests per minute per IP address.

opțiuni pentru calendarul spreads

Any faster will trigger a error, in which case you should slow down your calendar requests, spread them out, or retry later. Calendar importing Calendar importing allows you to automatically keep your Airbnb calendar in sync with external calendars that support the iCalendar iCal format.

Calendarul de expirare a futures pe cme. De ce ar trebui să fii deosebit de atent în această zi.

Examples include Google calendar and those used by HomeAway and Vrbo. To import a calendar, log in to your Airbnb account on a desktop computer or mobile device.

opțiuni pentru calendarul spreads

This feature is not available using the Airbnb app. Note: To remove a synced calendar, repeat the above steps to reach the listing and click the trash can next to the synced calendar. Calendar exporting Calendar exporting lets you view your Airbnb calendar on an external calendar that supports the iCal format.

opțiuni pentru calendarul spreads

To export your calendar in iCal format and add it to your external calendar: To export your calendar and add it to your external calendar, log in to your Airbnb account on a desktop computer or mobile device.